Where Love Actually Lives

Where Love Actually Lives

Love arrives in all shapes and forms, and it comes to everybody one way or another. Think there’s no love in your life? Look closely. It smiles through all things.

Look at that building. Every window tells a story, and each one is unique. Who will love find today? So, today, we wanna tell you six stories showing that love is all around…

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Alice and Smokey 0:19
What’s in the box? 1:33
Lonely night 3:09
Want a piece of cake, big bro? 4:51
Happy letter 6:41
Violin of love 8:00

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– Alice is a student. She lives in a small studio on the second floor, and her only company is her cat, Smokey.
– Alice has just made dinner for herself and her cat. Before sitting down to her studies, she looks out the window. Smokey’s nowhere to be seen.
– Thoughtful, she sits down at her desk and suddenly hears a scratching noise and a soft meowing from outside the window. She looks out again and sees Smokey — but he’s not alone. He’s holding a tiny kitten in his mouth.
– Richard lives alone in his apartment on the third floor. He’s old now, much too old to go out often, so he spends most of his time sitting at the window and looking at the busy street below.
– The doorbell startles him — he wasn’t expecting guests today. He slowly shuffles to the door and looks out the peephole. It’s the mail carrier.
– He knifes open the parcel and sees a wooden box inside. Richard recognizes the thing immediately — it was a gift his late wife Martha had given him for their 20th anniversary: a pocket watch with her portrait under the lid. He’d thought it was lost.
– Anne’s been worried sick for the last few weeks. Sam’s never worked so hard before — recently he’s taken to staying late hours at the office, while she’s all alone in their apartment on the fourth floor.
– Anne’s fast asleep when the key turns in the lock and Sam comes in.
– Sam replies and gets down on one knee. “Anne Howard Wilkes, will you marry me?” Without a single word, Anne flings herself into his arms.
– Johnny lives in one of the smaller apartments on the sixth floor, crammed with his parents and big brother. Him and Alex have never been on good terms — sibling rivalry, he supposed.
– But a week ago, they had a really nasty fight, and Johnny got so worked up that he accidentally broke his camera.
– Today is Johnny’s birthday, and Alex is nowhere to be seen.
– Just as dad steps into the living room with Johnny’s birthday cake, the door bangs.
– Everyone looks at him, and he stares at Johnny. “Hey, lil’ bro,” he says, still panting. “I see I’m not late, after all. Here you go. Happy B-day.” Johnny opens the package and finds a camera inside, just like his old one.
– Danny’s sitting at his desk in his eighth floor apartment. He’s holding a pen and staring at a blank piece of paper. He swore he’d write this letter when February 14 came, and he can’t back down now.
– Finished. Good. He stands up, his knees buckling, and goes outside to send the letter. When he gets back, though, there’s an envelope in his mailbox.
– The letter reads, “Hey Danny! Didn’t know how to ask you, so writing this. I think you’re cool. Wanna hang out some time? Henry M.”
– Mr. Jameson’s been alone for as long as he could remember. No one ever shared his passion for strings — and Mr. Jameson didn’t really mind.
– Mr. Jameson finishes the tune and realizes he’s not alone anymore.
– Someone is standing right outside the shop window. He looks up and sees a woman in her early thirties, staring straight at him.
– Ms. Crane takes the violin, presses her cheek to its body, and brings the bow to the strings.
– Randall and Linda sit in silence and look at the floor. Then they both raise their eyes to each other, and they know they’re not alone anymore.

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