What is Group Therapy? – Dr. Namrata Pai

What is Group Therapy? – Dr. Namrata Pai

Usually speech language therapy is done on a one on one basis, that is there is a ratio of 1:1. There is one child and one therapist. Group therapy is a specialised form of therapy where there would be atleast 3 children or more and the ratio of therapist to child would be 2:1 or 3:1, where for every 3 children, there is 1 therapist. Usually children are matched together, in terms of their language, age, in terms of their chronological age, or in terms of what is their nature of deficit. You can have group therapy for autism spectrum disorder. At the same time you can have group therapy for children with stuttering issues or children with feeding issues, a child who is attending individual speech therapy sessions might need group therapy in case the therapist wants to work on generalisation, that is in case the child wants to use the same skills with other children. The other reason is that children learn a lot by imitation. So a lot of times, especially in feeding, if the child sees the other child eat a certain food, he might also try to accept or try to touch or taste it, the other reason why your child needs group therapy is that your child not only needs to follow instructions from an adult, but also what the other child is telling him to do or give instructions to the other child. Also learn to wait and take turns. So these are some of the skills why your child might need group therapy.


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