The River of Love (Nahr Al-Hob) WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES – فيلم نهر الحب

The River of Love (Nahr Al-Hob) WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES –  فيلم نهر الحب

The river of Love (Naher Al-Hob) is a 1960 classic. It’s one of the best Egyptian Romance/Drama films ever made. NOW WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES!
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If you enjoy romantic tragedies (like me) you will really love this masterpiece. It is an absolute tear-jerker backed up by great performances. Keep a box of tissues close-by! 😀

Nawal, a rural girl living with her brother Mamdouh & his wife, chooses to give up her hopes & dreams to marry wealthy aristocrat Taher Basha in order to save her brother from jail due to unpaid debts.
As time passes, Nawal grows increasingly depressed due to her husband’s cold, cruel demeanor, & the great age difference between them, despite their lavish life. Things take a turn (for both better and worse) when she meets Khaled, a handsome young army officer.

* Starring real life lovers Faten Hamama (Nawal) & Omar El-Sherif (Khaled), The River of Love conveys real romance. *

The plot is vaguely based on the Leo Tolstoy’s novel, Anna Karenina.

I do not own rights to this movie. I do, however, own full rights to the translation & subtitles.

I’m not a professional translator, I just really think that this movie is absolutely fantastic & should receive more attention from other parts of the world.
I tried to make it as understandable & close to the context as possible. I did not translate the parts in the war because it talks about history & politics & I don’t feel qualified enough to write about such things (& I’m also avoiding comment-wars)…
Sorry if there are any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

I hope you enjoy it!
Please let me know what you think in a comment & give me a thumbs up for my hard-work! (:
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