The King's Speech movie – a stammerer's view

The King's Speech movie – a stammerer's view

The movie did great things for awareness of stammering and the stage play, on which the screenplay was very closely based, had the same effect – although, sadly, it closed after a very short run in London’s West End. The story gave stammerers and non-stammerers ‘permission’ to talk to each other about this often embarrassing subject.

King George VI died in 1952 and, whilst we know a lot more today about the causes and treatment of stammering, there is still no cure and, in many parts of the country, the NHS does not provide any speech therapy service for adults.

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If you are in the UK, and want help with your speech, please ring the British Stammering Association helpline on 0845 603 2001 or visit The BSA is the national charity and is run by people who stammer, for the benefit of all those whose lives are affected by stammering.

If you live outside the UK, and want advice about stammering/stuttering – or simply want to learn more – you can still go to or to any of these other leading sites: (International Stuttering Association), (USA), (USA) or

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