Stuttering "Cured" in 3 days of the Etalon Psychophysical Gymnastics

Stuttering "Cured" in 3 days of the Etalon Psychophysical Gymnastics

This video is prepared by Anna Deeter, M.A., a CEO & Etalon Speech Educator @ Speech Academie Etalon International By R.A.Snezhko. She teaches the FIRST in the world complete Speech Education Program for the Elimination of Stuttering.

ETALON PSHYCOPHYSICAL GYMNASTICS for the Elimination of Stuttering

Laura is a recent ETALON graduate. She shares hеr experience of 33 years of her struggles with stuttering.

Being rational, she learned early in her life that the conventional “help” in dealing with stuttering was worthless. She has tried and quit several well-known conventional and alternative foolish recommendations to learn to speak by:
– breathing,
– screaming,
– whispering,
– avoiding to speak,
– etc.

10 years ago, Laura stumbled on the Etalon program and made a decision to take this class. But because her parents could not support her financially, she decided to take care of her own life independently!

Last year, she put her Master’s Degree Diploma in Finances far away and moved from her native country Lithuania to Norway to make money by doing some cleaning job!

A year later, she collected enough money to buy a car and take her life-changing 3-day ETALON Speech Education class!!!

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR NEXT ETALON WINNER!!! The price is your Etalon speech!!! Enjoy it!! Be proud of your accomplishment!


Speech is a skill and can only be learned.
STOP LOOKING FOR CURE!!! It did not, does not and will not exist ever! How can one “cure”, “treat” medically or “heal” something that has never been learned???


The ETALON method teaches that the problem of stuttering is the result of underdeveloped or lack of speaking skills in a human.

People are born without any skills. They do not know how to walk, hold a spoon, ride a bike, read, write and speak. They can, but simply do not know how yet. They have not learned yet how to move the muscles of their body in coordination and do not have yet in their memory the information about how to make the clear and coordinated movements of their muscles of their body.
People learn their both speaking and writing skills from their early childhood. Interesting fact that even though children learn their writing skill under the strict guidance of teachers in school and parents, they are left on their own to develop their skills of speaking by the principle of “whatever God will send”. Such situation has been taking place simply because no professional scientific program (except ETALON) for formation of human speech, has ever existed in the world. Naturally, with such a chaotic approach to the formation of the human’s speech skills, “God does not send to all” to form their normal and full speech.

The ETALON method has finally solved the puzzle of stuttering once and for all. Stuttering is no longer a mystery!

This new approach is based on natural laws (for speaking, thinking, memory, and attention) discovered and formulated by Russian professor R.A. Snezhko in 1998. He has developed and perfected over the last 15 years an innovative and extremely successful program for Instant and Permanent Elimination Of Stuttering in THREE DAYS of intensive study course taught in the individual setting on Skype.

Over 3,000 program graduates in Russia and in other countries (speaking English as a second language) have eliminated their stuttering once and for all!

Each and every program graduate has achieved 100% successful result guaranteed by his own 100% coordinated correct speaking actions.

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