Soup – Sims 3 Voice Over Series (CASTING CALL)

Soup – Sims 3 Voice Over Series (CASTING CALL)

“Soup” is a teen drama that follows the life story of high school freshman Harris Gold.

Each episode of the series will consecutively progress through the daily misfortunes and experiences that characterize Harris’s adolescence. The title of the series refers to the way in which Harris will alphabetically narrate his daily tribulations, as though his life is a messy can of alphabet soup and each significant experience in it is represented by a letter.
“Soup” contains many instances of deadpan humor. Please do not use a wide range of emotions in your auditions. I would prefer for my characters’ lines to sound very unscripted and natural. Speak with normal intonation, but remember that you are meant to be impersonating the youthful voice of a preteen. Feel free to stutter on occasion, if you see fit. Have fun. 🙂


Harris Gold
1. (To self, then calling out) In the cafeteria? Crap. It’s probably at the front office! I’ll grab it tomorrow!
2. No…beats ME. And my mom. My-my DAD beats me and my mo–how am I supposed to finish this assignment?
3. I’ve got, like, four bucks on me. You that desperate?

Gunther Mays
1. (Teasingly) You coming to my house tonight? Spaghetti Mondaaay.
2. Who took a dump in HER cornflakes?
3. Don’t feel bad, man. I used to chase women, too. Then, I grew up.

Connie Reid
1. We always need a helping hand over at the soup kitchen. Come by today if you’re not busy.
2. (Warmly) Oh. Hey, Harris.
3. (Lightheartedly) And your timer starts…now. Don’t let me down. I’ll be right back.

Damaris (“Duh-MAR-iss”) Fitch
1. (Timidly, Warmly) Y-you can say April Fool’s now.
2. (Sarcastically, Kindly) What, you losing your hearing too, old man? I asked if you’re alright.
3. This has been the best bad day ever.

Meredith Gold (Mother of Harris)

Augustus “Gus” Vern (Bully)
Zachary Rogers (Bully’s goon)

In the body of your email or within your audition, please tell me your YouTube username and let me know if you are open to providing vocal talent for supporting characters/bit parts now or in the future. I look forward to receiving your submissions! Best wishes. 🙂