Slow Motion & Blur on Samsung LED TV Screen – Samsung TV Support

Slow Motion & Blur on Samsung LED TV Screen – Samsung TV Support

Samsung Bad TV Screen – Slow Motion Blur
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A common symptom in Samsung LED TVs is for the screen to show a blur in the picture. The main cause of this problem is a shorted IC on the panel.
This cause is not very easily repairable, because you will have to replace the TV panel, which can be extremely difficult and replacement TV panels can be very hard to find.
We are showing this blur on our Samsung TV on the right hand side. You can see that the image that is shown in this area has a slow motion blur. This means that there is a problem most likely with the IC that is in that area on the panel.
You can also see that we have a darker shading along the top of the panel.
After removing a few layers of the framing, this is what the IC looks like. This IC can short out because of a few different reasons. Could be an issue with the manufacturing, it could be having trouble bonding properly, or if there is any physical damage to the TV, it can cause this problem as well.
Once again the only way to fix this, is to replace the TV panel which can be very difficult and expensive, if you can find the correct replacement. Here at we do not sell replacement panels.

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