Severe Tourettes, Selective Mutism and Uncontrollable Anger | My Child’s not Perfect

Severe Tourettes, Selective Mutism and Uncontrollable Anger | My Child’s not Perfect

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A sudden and severe case of Tourette’s, selective mutism and a child with uncontrollable anger… no matter how big or small, rich or poor, one in ten children under the age of 16 is struggling with a mental health condition.

Whether it’s behavioural, emotional or clinical, some are born with a problem, whilst for others it can come out of nowhere. Whatever their condition, more than half of these vulnerable children will go undiagnosed – their problems being put down simply, to bad behaviour. A mental health issue is often an invisible illness that indiscriminately strikes at the heart of a family.

This documentary follows three families from across the UK as they embark on a journey to understand their child’s behaviour and learn to cope with it.

In this episode:

We meet Katherine, a lively little six year old who is the life and soul of the family at home; however, as soon as she passes through the school gates each day, she becomes mute. Unable to speak a word for eight hours a day, her family embarks on a course of intensive speech therapy to get to the cause of her resistance to talk.

For 16 year old Henry, the problem isn’t talking, it’s what he says. Henry has Tourette’s Syndrome. Diagnosed just over a year ago, following a sudden seizure, Henry and his family’s life was turned upside down in an instant. Unable to control either physical movement or vocal expression, he’s coming to terms with the impact of this incurable condition, juggling his ever intrusive tics with studying for his GCSE’s whilst also seeking alternative therapies to manage his condition.

Not all parents want a label for their child, especially where mental health is concerned, but Charlotte has been searching for a diagnosis with a desperate drive, finally a name or explanation for what’s wrong with her ten year old son Adam. With high suspicions he is on the autistic spectrum but contradictory character traits that make it impossible to get a diagnosis, will this family get the help they need for a better future?

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