Rampue – Let’s Be Kids Again (Audio) [Full Album]

Rampue – Let’s Be Kids Again (Audio) [Full Album]

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00:00:00 Never
00:04:56 Sometimes
00:14:55 Let’s Be Kids Again
00:22:41 Colour Back



Back once again here is the most fabulous… Rampue! Being referred to as one of the most promising production talents and the undisputed master of the new Romantic House movement taking over todays dancefloors our man from Berlin caters his next four piece EP under the innocence-craving name of „Lets Be Kids Again“.

Starting off with the sound of looped, campfire’esque and folk-referring guitars on top of tricky, stuttering beats the opening track „Never“ is causing a bit of confusion before transforming into the most soft-skinned piece of SlowHouse one has ever come across, featuring the most tender and fracturable female voice sampled in the history of electronic music. This one’s neither a track or a song – this one’s nothing but pure audio love.

Coming up next is „Sometimes“ with it’s deep ambient’ish intro built of layered minor strings and a few shakers which turns into a slowly pumping DiscoFunk excess serving all ingredients for being what’s to be called a late night ladies tune. Seductive vocals? Check. Chicago-referring basslines? Check. Background vocoders? Check. A groove that’s hell of sexy? Double check. This one’s as brilliant as Daft Punk’s debut album for sure.

The title track „Lets Be Kids Again“ is on a more dancefloor demanding tip with ever echo’ing sounds, pumping drums and a special clap drive perfectly corresponding with flickering, slightly balearic guitars, tweedling violins and sweet, melancholia-infused vocals singing praise of golden childhood memories.
Finally we have „Colour Back“ which is to be referred to as the next piano driven future classic. More fragile vocals meet very unique and creative filter techniques here, hosting a thrilling scifi synth line that seems to be sprung from the ItaloDisco heydays, perfectly contrasting the organic backing with its cold and artifical vibe.