My Partner Won’t Make Me Cum, What To Do? (DUMP HIM)

My Partner Won’t Make Me Cum, What To Do? (DUMP HIM)

Question 4 on Episode 14 of Anarcho Agony Aunts

”Hey, anarcho aunts! I really love your channel, I’ve recently discovered it and I watch it whenever I’m cooking, eating, brushing my teeth, even taking a shower haha. Thank you for doing this and here is my story: I am female (20 yrs) and I’ve been dating this guy (23 yrs) for a month and we’ll part in another month because I have to leave the country. He’s quite conservative, and I am more leftist, but we both fancied each others’ looks and we started hanging out and having sex. The problem is that we are both a bit unexperienced and he’s cumming everytime but I am not. I’ve told him a few times that I would like to cum as well but he doesn’t say anything in reply. It’s getting more and more frustrating everytime. I have also never came with anyone but now it’s even harder because I feel it’s not extra important for him. If it were the other way around and my partner would ask this of me I would take as much time needed to make them cum, communicate about this, watch videos together etc. Last time we had sex he even said that he felt the foreplay was too long and he’d like the sex (penis in vagina from his point of view) to be longer because he came very fast because of this (to which I got so annoyed and angry in my mind). He’s not asking me how I feel about our sex life and I don’t feel it’s very comfortable for me to talk about it due to what I have just said. But he also does comply to some things like I told him to kiss my neck/ears and he’s doing this, he is giving more attention to my clit but I still feel it’s a longer time and resources we would put in for me cumming and I don’t feel he likes that. All in all, my friend said it’s the bare minimum he can do, to make me cum, but I don’t feel such a vibe from him and I don’t know how to approach this as he makes me feel it’s everything I think about (which he did say). Nevertheles, I am leaving in a month but I don’t think I can have more sex without approaching this otherwise I get even more frustrated. And also I wouldn’t like to end this just because of this situation. P. S. I did ask him how would he feel about me cumming and he said he’d like that very much”

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