My Crush’s Girlfriend Feeds Me Laxatives

My Crush’s Girlfriend Feeds Me Laxatives

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I guess that most of us can agree that public speaking is scary. It’s like baring your soul to a group of people who can judge you, mock you, make you feel that you are lacking and all of this can consequently, attack your self-confidence.
I went through a similar scary experience. My name is Megan and I am twenty one years old.
I have despised public speaking ever since I was young. When I was in school, my teachers would often call me in the front to introduce myself and stuff, and I always ended up stuttering and making a fool out of myself. The kids in my class were really competitive and excelled at everything so, the lack of my public speaking skills made me an almost outcast. No one wanted to associate with a girl who couldn’t even ‘speak properly in front of an audience.’
So, growing up, I had this stigma attached to me. I was finally relieved to graduate from high school and join college. No one here knew about my poor public speaking skills and no one cared, to be honest. So, things were pretty much going well for me in that front until one day my teacher decided to go ahead and do something that ruined my life, metaphorically speaking of course.
She announced in the class one day that we had to team up roll number wise and give a presentation in teams of two. The public speaking aspect was problematic, obviously, but, guess what the cherry on the top was? The guy in my team was Matt: the same guy I had a huge crush on ever since I joined college.
So, long story short, I was supposed to get over my fear of public speaking and also over my nervousness of presenting with my crush, all within a span of one week. You see, how tough things were?
But, what’s done was done. It was compulsory to give the presentation. This time, I was determined to nail it. I didn’t want to make a mess of it again and go through the same thing that I did when I was in high school.
The first half of the week, I focused on improving my own skills. I practiced in front of a mirror and kept my voice loud and clear. During the second half of the week, I had to prepare the actual content of the presentation with Matt. We were giving a presentation related to a topic in history and let me tell you, matt was very knowledgeable about all that stuff.
He was nothing but sweet and helpful the whole time, we prepared our presentation. We even practiced together. The only problem was his girlfriend who was a bit too clingy for my liking. She never left matt alone, following him around like a puppy everywhere. This disrupted our preparation time together. And, for a fact I could tell that she didn’t like me. It was evident from all the subtle glares she used to shoot me when Matt wasn’t looking.


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