I stopped stammering! Mom, you are my hero!

I stopped stammering! Mom, you are my hero!

This video is prepared by Anna Deeter, M.A., CEO of Speech Academie Etalon International nonprofit; Speech Educator, Founder & Director of the FIRST English-speaking Speech Education Program for the Elimination of Stuttering, Etalon Psycho-Physical Speech Gymnastics.

This 19yo USA college student stopped developing normally his speaking skills after doctors removed his adenoids. It happened when he was 8yo. After they diagnosed him with a stammering illness, he believed this lie and began avoiding speaking and waiting for others to cure his “abnormality”. For many years, he suffered from a simple lack of speaking experience and never developed adult-like speaking skills…

Deep inside, he dreamed IN SILENCE about becoming someone who others would put their eyes on…. who would inspire crowds… But he kept avoiding speaking and speech situations…

His devoted parents have put their child through every “professional”recommendation, but nothing worked….

After entering a college, this young man finally realized that without fixing his speech problem, he could not move forward in his life. He intensively searched for a reliable solution for his problem and learned various artificial “methods-techniques” of how to “improve” his UNDERDEVELOPED speech! But nothing helped and he continued to stutter…

Finally, he discovered the Etalon Speech Gymnastics and worked hard to convince his skeptical parents to invest in his Etalon Speech Education.

…The day has come and the teenager fixed his problem on the very first day of the 3-day Etalon Speech Gymnastics course. Although he stopped making mistakes in the classroom, he experienced a lack of self-confidence in his ability to speak in the same way everywhere.

He would gain lots of experience so he would finally realize that once he performed an action correctly, he CAN do it again and again – as many times as he desires and invests his conscious diligent efforts in to this action.

Normal speech is an independent speaking without any “method” or “helper”.

Just like all other 3000+ graduates of the Etalon program since 1998, Omar has finally discovered the natural algorithm of speaking – the only 100% effective way to produce 100% normal rational speech, always and everywhere! It is up to him now whether he will continue growing and perfecting his speech skill or remain satisfied with the basics learned during the intensive study course!

The Etalon method teaches that the problem of stuttering is the result of underdeveloped or lack of natural speaking skills in a human. Every artificial “method” of speech “improvement” causes stuttering.

People are born without any skills. They are born ready to learn them. They do not know how to walk, hold a spoon, ride a bike, read, write and speak. They can, but simply do not know how to perform these actions yet. They have not learned yet how to move the muscles of their body in coordination and do not have yet in their memory the information about how to make precise and coordinated movements of their muscles of their body.

The holistic Etalon approach has finally solved the puzzle of stuttering once and for all. Stuttering is no longer a mystery!

This new approach is based on natural laws (for speaking, thinking, memory, and attention) discovered and formulated by Russian professor R.A. Snezhko in 1998. He has developed and perfected over the last 18 years an innovative and extremely successful program for Instant and Permanent Elimination Of Stuttering in THREE DAYS of intensive study course taught in the individual setting on Skype.

Over 3, 000 program graduates in Russia and in other countries (speaking English as primarily and a second language) have eliminated their stuttering once and for all!

Each and every program graduate has achieved 100% successful result guaranteed by his own 100% personal control over his coordinated correct speaking actions.

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