COLE AND SAV 👪 10 Things You Didn't Know About COLE, SAVANNAH and EVERLEIGH! 🌟

COLE AND SAV 👪 10 Things You Didn't Know About COLE, SAVANNAH and EVERLEIGH! 🌟

Did Cole and Sav wedding move you? Do you find their and Vines performances funny? You can`t get enough of Everleigh?

Then today`s video is a must watch!


Hey folks, this is Lord HushHush and today we are going to talk about Cole and Sav!

Cole LaBrant, former Vine star, and Savannah Soutas, former top muser in, are one of the hottest vlogging couple in Youtube right now. Here are ten things you might not know about them and the little Everleigh!

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Number 10. Whirlwind Romance

Cole met Savannah Soutas and her daughter Everleigh on vacation. They hit it off after they both went to Vidcon. A late-night conversation at IHOP made them realize they had feelings for each other. The rest is history!

Number 9. Beautiful Vows

Cole and Sav wrote their own wedding vows and they were amazing. Cole included Everleigh in his vows, and the Internet couldn’t handle how cute it was. Cole promised Savannah`s daughter that he would always be kind to her and her mommy.

Number 8. Little Star

Everleigh Rose Soutas was born on December 14, 2012. Being featured in her mom’s videos on led to Everleigh being chosen as a model for Vogue Australia and Kardashian Kids.

Number 7. Shared Beliefs

Cole and Sav share strong Christian beliefs. This makes them great role models for kids and young people. Their marriage is truly beautiful, as is the love they have for each other.

Number 6. Summer Anniversary

Cole and Sav were married on July 9, 2017 in a California vineyard. Sav wore an amazing white lace gown. Their wedding video has over 18 million views!

Number 5. Musical Fame

Sav is a photographer and fashion blogger. She first became famous through She has over four million followers! Everleigh is often in her videos. It’s the cutest mother and daughter show you can imagine.

Number 4. Hometown Roots

Cole is from Troy, Alabama. He has one sister, Lily, and four brothers, Tate, Clay, Jack, and Luke. He credits his Christian faith as being a big part of his success.

Number 3. Orange County Girl

Sav is from Orange County, California. Her sister’s name is Chantelle and her mom’s name is Deborah. Sav had Everleigh when she was 19, so she did not get the chance to start college until recently.

Number 2. Famous Prom Date?

When Cole was in high school, he made a cute lip sync video inviting Selena Gomez to be his prom date. The video was promoted on the radio by Ryan Seacrest and soon had millions of views. Selena loved the video but sadly, she couldn’t make it to the prom. The video made Cole a star.

Number 1. Amazing!

Cole and his mom, Sheri, competed together on the Amazing Race in 2016. They didn’t win, but they had lots of super mom and son bonding time. They came in second place and it was a close finish!

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