child predator #ganval stumbling over his words in an attempt to explain why he ‘found’ a 10 yr old

child predator #ganval stumbling over his words in an attempt to explain why he ‘found’ a 10 yr old

Dangerous internet child predator William James Witt Aka #ganval attempting to explain away the fact he hunted down a 10 year old boy named Daniel with the intent to absorb him into his highly inappropriate and sexualized group of degenerate losers.

A group he constantly claims is 18+.. Doesn’t this sound a little contradictory to that statement William makes on a daily basis or do his idiot followers not possess the critical thinking skills needed to see why this is HIGHLY inappropriate and doesn’t make sense in regards to his constant and often 18+ only statement(s).

Mind you, #ganval wanted this young 10 year old boy to be part of his “group” of degenerate nobodies so badly that he even contacted this kids family and LIED to them directly over the phone. Claiming to the parents and grandparents that Daniel the 10 year old wouldn’t see anything inappropriate – which we all know is a bold faced lie like everything else this 30 year old degenerate pathological predator says.

I think it’s also needed to be pointed out that #ganval is an unemployed drug addict that has no business talking to children via the internet or anywhere else. I find the extra measures this predator takes like calling a 10 year olds parents and lying to them to get the kid in his reach very alarming and odd predatory behavior. The fact that he constantly lies about his background and education working with children a very alarming fact as well. Ganval only has a highschool education and zero background in child Psychology.

I hope people start seeing how this 30 year old man’s behavior is deranged and they stop supporting him as these are not normal nuances of behavior that regular people have. He shouldn’t have a platform and just know that if you support this weirdo child predator that makes you complicit in his activities. Also, If you are part of this degenerates group then just know you have 10 year olds seeing and reading every single fucking thing you say & do. Grow the fuck up and stop supporting this loser leech child groomer.

Let’s break it all down for the readers who don’t know the facts here about old Gangal Willy the clown…

Previous 17 year old minor ex-girlfriend named Iris (illegal), 18 year old current girlfriend named Chole A. Evans / littlehell (just barely legal by a literal 30 day period). A 10 year old boy (that he should have nothing in common with nor any reason a 30 year old adult like him would want to befriend) named Daniel that he literally admitted to grooming in the clip above.

Attraction to two of his girlfriends looking and sounding like a 10 year old(s). Constant & numerous freudian slips about dating and being attracted to minors (some instances clipped and uploaded onto this very channel for the purpose of documentation).

Projecting his tenacious tendencies and proclivity for kids / minors onto everyone else by calling them sex offenders (which he does on an almost daily basis). His annoying child-like sissy boy & beta male metro-sexual persona.

Literally no one can deny that this all doesn’t look bad because it really REALLY does. There is much more evidence for him being a sex offender and child predator then every single one of the people he projects it onto.


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