Cerebral Palsy Treatment…. Hindi

Cerebral Palsy Treatment…. Hindi

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Cerebral Palsy is caused by damage to the motor nerves of a developing brain. It can occur during child birth or even after birth. This results in weakness in upper limbs, lower limbs and sometimes affects the ability to speak. Muscles start malfunctioning; some of them become hyperactive while others may become sluggish. They are not able to interpret commands from brain and their co-ordination with other muscle groups is lost. As a result, patient also suffers from improper body movements and not able to walk properly. You must have seen some Cerebral Palsy patients who walk on their toes due to development of contracture of some muscles in lower limb. For children up to age of 7 years, Cerebral Palsy can be cured by physiotherapy. For patients above 7 years of age or for whom physiotherapy doesn’t work, surgery is performed. This surgery is of two types, viz. using ILIZAROV and without using ILIZAROV. Surgery with ILIZAROV has many benefits over surgery without ILIZAROV. Prof Ustiantsev, a Russian, who is an expert in the treatment of Cerebral Palsy, has put forward a theory “OVERSTRESS TO DE-STRESS”, to treat these patients. According to him, whenever these patients are treated with ILIZAROV, there is definitely an improvement in the functioning of brain. We have also seen that whenever we treat these patients with ILIZAROV, the dribbling of saliva while eating food has decreased, stammering, stuttering has also decreased. Even the mental alertness of the patient has been found to be improved. We have been treating such cases since long and observed that patients are benefitted a lot. In some cases, you find that the hand and upper limb are in a typical position – CLAW hand. These patients cannot use their upper limb properly. When treated with ILIZAROV, there is a lot of improvement in the functioning of the hand. Even stammering, stuttering has also decreased. There are very few doctors who are able to treat Cerebral Palsy with ILIZAROV.

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If you can upload your video as shown in my videos ,with only short lower so that I can see and Analise your gait. I will be more specific to answer your problem.

3 steps side to side, one side and.

3 steps side to another side.

3 steps forward and.

3 steps backward.

Also send photos of your both feet,leg from front, back,below,above.

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