A Great Big World featuring Christina Aguilera – Cover by Lindsey and Patrick Bucci

A Great Big World featuring Christina Aguilera – Cover by Lindsey and Patrick Bucci

This is making everyone cry on Facebook and I have people telling me to post it here, so here it is! Here is the back story to before fiber art:
I could sing since I could talk pretty much. When I was in second grade I knew I could sing but I was super shy. We were getting ready for the second grade Memorial Day extravaganza of singing children and my teacher, Mrs.Kelley, asked the class if anyone knew how to sing Pocahontas- “Colors of the Wind” I just sat there, knowing full well I could belt it out just like Pocahontas, but I was nervous. So these two girls stood up and started singing it and chopped it to bits lol. I stood up and said “That’s NOT how it goes!” lol Little seven year old me was fiesty haha! Then I started singing and my teacher went 😲. She got me into this HUGE children’s chorus with the best of the best in MA and I got vocal lessons for a good twelve years of my life. I started out as a musician but when my son was born, I just couldn’t do band practice four times a week anymore. So I do other art I love! I just love art. So the back story on my brother and why he is blind. He was born four months premature and got “retinopathy of prematurity” which essentially means his retinas did not grow around his eyes, but grew into them. Therefore, distorting the light and screwing up his vision. They did eleven laser eye surgeries. He died like six times and came back every time. He got chicken pox because of course we got it and my mother carried the virus to him because she didn’t know yet and we didn’t either. This kid is a trooper. So, after many attempts at fixing his vision, they had to stop and he was left blind. He is also Autistic (Aspergers). But that doesn’t mean he isn’t amazing and can’t do incredible things! My family has been through a lot. But we still find a way to sing! Always appreciate what you have because it could always be worse! My brother is taller than me, for gosh sakes. I’m the oldest of the four kids and the shortest! LOL🤣! He’s the youngest and the tallest lol! He was born at one pound! Just ONE POUND! And he made it! Unfortunately when our house burned down three years later, in 2000, we had to move from Medford,MA because living expenses were sky rocketing, we had to move out here. I had to quit chorus and pointe. I was only 12 and in adult classes, on my way to the Boston Ballet Academy. In 2015 my fiancé died and he was part of my passion for music. Joe was a booking agent. We used to run shows and play shows and do music videos. When he passed away he had one show left and I made it happen still. So many people came together and we made it happen. After that even though he was gone, I felt like I could do anything as long as I tried hard enough. So I started my fiber art business December 2015, four months after he passed. I used to play tons of shows links to videos from one of the shows at Tammany Hall, where Joe and I actually really met face to face and fell for each other, here:

Patrick’s YouTube channel and our cover of Evanescence-My Immortal, please feel free to subscribe to his channel!

Patrick was about three, maybe four-ish when the house burning down thing happened. I taught him piano right before that and he never stopped. I am so happy to be able to share music with my siblings. We are all musical. This is how I play with my blind and autistic brother. He may be a little different, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t freaking amazing. We make the most beautiful music together and I really hope you enjoy this. I can’t get him to practice these songs with me because once he feels forced, he loses interest. But today he was playing this and I got the chance to jump in, record it and share it with you! Everyone on Facebook is crying so if you cry, I am sorry in advance lol. They say music is the song of the soul and that is true. No matter who you are and no matter what you have been through, remember the music. Remember the fun and remember the love. On bad days, it makes everything better. If you’re sad, sing. Dance. Screw the “dance while nobody is watching” thing. Sing and dance while everyone is watching and spread your love to the world! I love you! I hope you enjoy this!
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