1st 24 Hour Stream of 2020

1st 24 Hour Stream of 2020

The first appearance of the Crystal Tower, the Warriors of Darkness, and the famous Job system occurs in this landmark title of the Final Fantasy franchise. Accompany four youths as they embark to save their world from impending doom. A children’s tale told with remarkable simplicity but with the same depth as is present in most easily digestible myths. Big themes told in a simple method.

Feel free to ask questions or give advice. The conversations help keep me awake!


Well, I didn’t make it through the entire 24 hours. While I have been successful in this endeavor before, that night just wasn’t the night. Several factors could’ve lead to my inability to continue, some of which I lightly touch on in the end of the video.

1.) It was an impromptu stream. Not mentally preparing for a long session leads to being caught off guard.
2.) My sleep schedule has been off lately, which may have lead to my body craving sleep (which in my opinion is a good thing I needed it.)
3.) Being stuck in game. Oftentimes if I feel stuck or progression isn’t moving along the way it should, when I’m tired, my mind has few places to wander besides focusing on how tired I am.
4.) Other demotivators such as troubleshooting stream issues both during and in the beginning. This caused not only the stream to air late, but also for it to be broken up or stopped mid way through.

Number four is one I really need to work on. Troubleshooting should serve as a motivator to get it fixed, not as a demotivator that keeps me from continuing. From Gilantiz’s description of the symptoms and what I could consider from my end, it’s likely an issue between my desktop (the machine I game on) and the laptop. With my current setup I pretty much hear what the observer hears. I did notice some micro-stuttering but I was just hoping it was a minor thing on my end, but it turns out that it’s making it into the stream as well.

I’ll be using most of Saturday (1/4/2020) to get the issue ironed out.

Thank you to all who dropped in and apologies specifically to Syvern and Gilantiz for not being there when you woke up or came back home respectively. Hopefully next Friday will turn out to be a smoother experience.