10 stuttering facts that can make you more positive about stuttering

10 stuttering facts that can make you more positive about stuttering

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10 stuttering facts that can make you more positive about stuttering:

I’d love to share with you 10 stuttering facts that will help you rethink your attitude towards stuttering and become more positive about stuttering, speaking interaction and yourself.

Here is a recap of this video:

0:30 Fact #1 – We can have a dream

We don’t want to let stuttering define us, prescribe us what to do and what not to do. We don’t want to live in a box. We don’t want to bear the burden of those limitations. We want to be free from those limitations. So, let’s see that drive and passion inside us. That’s a gift given to us with a problem to solve.

2:07 Fact #2 – We’re personal development-oriented

Getting free from limitations that stuttering brings – it’s not just a dream, but a dream to change ourselves. That’s huge. Not that many people have a dream to change something in themselves. So, tap into that inner drive and passion, visualize what kind of person you want to be. And go for it!

3:15 Fact #3 – Many great people are or were PWS (people who stutter)

Here are just some of the people who stutter that you might have heard of:
Actors: Marilyn Monroe, Julia Roberts, Emily Blunt, Bruce Willis, Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill, Joe Biden, Tiger Woods, Isaac Newton, Elvis Presley, Kylie Minogue, and Ed Sheeran

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4:59 Fact #4 – Stuttering is a deep cause for making friends

When you stutter and you meet another person who stutters you feel that instant bond, that secret connection that you rarely instantly feel with other “regular” people. Don’t run away. Cherish that feeling. Cherish that connection.

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6:13 Fact #5 – We’re vulnerable

When you’re vulnerable, open, and true that’s the real ground, the real foundation for true relationships to build. And embracing vulnerability is the key to success in pretty much any area of our life.

9:51 Fact #6 – We’re sensitive

Even if you don’t define yourself as a highly sensitive person chances are you feel, you sense things a little faster, a little deeper, a little more than “regular” people.

11:05 Fact #7 – We’re humble

When it comes to true relationships, when it comes to building something like a company, product, or business or being a true leader we’re looking for people who are strong but humble.

11:43 Fact #8 – Small wins bring a lot of joy

You might say, “Man, you’re mentioning all those great people, those leaders, those scientists, and politicians! I’m not like that, I’m just me.” But that’s the whole point – we find greatness in small things. As Nike commercial says, greatness is for everyone, find your greatness!

13:18 Fact #9 – We’re more introverted and creative

I can totally say that for myself and I do see that in other people who stutter as well. And even though I’m shooting all these videos and trying to be more extroverted I’m proud to be an introvert because truth be told a pearl can grow only in a closed shell. It just doesn’t grow in the open sea or under the sun on the beach.

14:04 Fact #10 – If we can solve this we can solve anything

You see, “regular” people also hold back, they also have fears, they also have anxiety, they also have all the limitations that we have. Stuttering in this sense is a gift because it makes that holding back visible.

Yes, it’s a puzzle to solve but if you’re solving it, if you’re becoming more open, active and positive about speaking interaction and yourself, and there are clearly ways how to do that, if you solve this problem you can solve any problem in your life, you gain an invaluable skill of overcoming your limitations.

Would love to hear your comments!

Please share how do you feel about stuttering? What is your attitude towards it? What are your ways to be more open and active in your everyday life?


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