🚨Homeschool DAY IN THE LIFE of a MOM of 8 Kids! 📝✂️🎨

🚨Homeschool DAY IN THE LIFE of a MOM of 8 Kids! 📝✂️🎨

I have had so many requests for an updated homeschool day in the life of a mom of 8 kids video for 2019! Here you go! In today’s day in the life of a homeschool mom vlog, I share my day as a mom of 8 kids from the time I get ready for our homeschool day in the morning until I finally crash in the evening. You see our creative homeschool routines which include going to our beloved monthly homeschool group for group classes and specialty clubs. But wait, there’s more! Once we’re back home the kids continue to craft and create enjoying their homeschooling freedom for several more hours.

As always I’m cooking up large family meals and more as part of my life as a large family mom. We chat about defrosting meat safety, and make a healthy dinner in the Instant Pot. I hope you enjoy the special ending to today’s homeschool day in the life video!

Here is a link for more information on cold defrosting frozen foods

Check out Angie’s new personal channel for momma makeup and hair tips and tricks (I’m watching and trying to learn, ha!)


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